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    The recent Medication Errors Report commissioned by The Department of Health and Social Care estimates that 237 million medication errors occur in the UK every year.(1)

    Within care homes, 92.8% of errors occurred in the administration stage.(2) As carers have to sort through numerous medications for many patients, the risk of human error is high. Even small errors could lead to poor health and reduced quality of life for patients, so reducing the errors should be a priority for everyone in the sector.

    The Department of Health and Social Care recommends the effective use of technology to reduce medication errors as a potential solution.(3)

    A Community Pharmacy with a Difference: What We Do Differently

    Using state-of-the art technology, PillTime pre-sorts patients’ medication by dose into clearly labelled, easy to open pouches. Each pouch is checked using the image recognition and by our team of highly-trained pharmacists to ensure accuracy.

    Ideal for those taking multiple medications, PillTime supports carers to make managing medication simple and hassle-free — reducing errors and promoting patient health.

    We also deliver direct to care homes and provide a MAR chart with every PillTime box.

    Improving Patient Outcomes

    Our free service gives carers peace of mind they have administered the correct medication and saves them valuable time so they can focus on looking after the patient.

    At the recent Care Forum, we had the opportunity to speak to many care providers and received great feedback about our innovative use of technology. We are continually developing our technology and are excited to share updates with you as they arise.

    If you’d like more information, please contact us at HCP@pilltime.co.uk.


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