June 2024

Anthony Bennett, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

“Miracle Man – A Story of Resilience and Team Work”

Anthony is an inspirational ex-patient of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and is going to share his story of resilience and the power of teamwork and how a positive mindset helped him on his road to recovery following a near death experience. The impact of self-challenge – saying yes to opportunities and being the best you can be.

  • It takes a team – why success is nearly always down to your team.
  • Resilience and the power of a positive mental attitude.
  • Learning from setbacks and keep a positive mindset and maintaining motivation.
  • Yin and Yang – How negative times can result in positive outcomes that help us persevere.

Mark Topps & Adam Purnell, Co-founders – The Caring View

“CQC Framework & Inspection Preparation”

The CQC Single Assessment Framework is live. Join The Caring View for this interactive session, as they provide insights and information on the framework and tips to prepare for your next inspection.

  • Digitising Social Care
  • The Quality Statements
  • I/We Statements
  • Evidence Collection
  • Free Resources

Caroline Southgate, Director – Doris Jones Ltd

“The Business of Outstanding Care”

Caroline will present her approach to leading a small business with clear focus on growth, processes and outcomes. She is passionate about how taking time to focus on the skills needed to be confident in business can lead to a successful, profitable and values led organisation. Caroline will challenge you to think about your organisation, whatever size or stage you are, in terms of quality improvement and growth.

  • What do you know about business?
  • Who cares if you make a profit?
  • How to develop yourself as a business leader who still cares.
  • What is holding you back in developing your business skills?

Ian Donaghy, Professional Speaker

“Dementia is a Team Game”

Dementia used to be somebody else’s problem. Now it is affecting our friends, neighbours, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Ian shows the difference we can ALL make.

  • Real life examples of how dementia arrived as an uninvited guest in our family
  • How the book “DEAR DEMENTIA” came about to become one of only 25 books endorsed for dementia care worldwide
  • How we can be part of the problem or the solution for those living with dementia
  • The importance of empathy NOT sympathy
  • How to bring community together to change the way people think about people living with dementia
  • Takeaways of how you can be part of the team as DEMENTIA IS A TEAM GAME

November 2024

Paul Ince, CEO – LikeMind Media

“Social Media Today – what the care sector needs to know right now”

In an ever changing world of algorithms and platforms, what worked yesterday may not work today. Find out how your strategy needs to change and address multiple audiences in the care sector.

  • The social media landscape in late 2024 and how 2025 is shaping up
  • Why algorithms are actually your best friend
  • Different content types available and what you should prioritise when your social media person manages multiple roles
  • Why it’s time to get on board with short form video
  • Q&A

Martin Farrow, CEO – 3DS

“The 3D’s, Leadership and the PI people”

If you don’t start something, or don’t finish something, you’re in trouble. The essential dynamic of customers and colleagues, and how to get things done.