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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: SafeLift mobilisation assistant

    The new wissner-bosserhoff care bed operating concept has recently been awarded the prestigious Plus X Award in no less than five out of seven categories (Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Ergonomics).

    Movement and mobility have a positive effect on many fields of nursing work and have a preventive effect. Early mobilisation for example, can reduce the risks for various complications after a surgery. SafeLift is a completely new, unique and wireless nursing home support system that significantly relieves caregivers.

    SafeLift is a clever mobilisation assistant that revolutionizes bed operation for the resident. It differs from any conventional manual switch mainly in that it can be operated without cable and battery. Therefore there will be no follow-up costs for broken cables or new batteries. Its ergonomic shape is ideal for any resident and provides a secure grip when getting out of bed.

    A LED orientation light under the bed and fluorescent, large buttons on the SafeLift Controller ensure good visibility even in the dark. The 360° rotatable handle knob can be adapted without tools to almost all nursing beds from wissner-bosserhoff and can be flexibly used.

    For more information call Robert Marsden 07880 204437 or email Robert.marsden@linet.uk.com


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