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  • Diamond wedding couple share jewels of wisdom for Harry and Meghan

    There’s nothing like a royal wedding to get couples reminiscing about their own marriages, and Barbara and Robert Nicholls’ marriage has been longer than most.

    Mrs Nicholls, who lives at Bupa Brunswick Court, in Watford, is visited most days by her doting husband Robert. The pair met whilst working together at Odham’s Printing, and have been together ever since.

    The Nicholls’ celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary (60 years) in March this year, with a get together at the home, organised by Activities Coordinator Vicki West, and Senior Care Assistant Emma Impey.

    Emma said: “It’s so lovely seeing the two of them together. They are still so gentle and loving with each other, and even though they can no longer live together, we make every effort to make sure they are still spending as much time together as possible. We love having Robert to visit and Barbara is always happier when he is around.”

    Barbara and Robert say the secret to a long, happy marriage is simply talking to one another. They’ve always worked as a team and consider one another’s feelings. The couple are excited for another royal wedding, and they wish Harry and Meghan all the very best, commenting that they hope the Prince and his new wife enjoy as many happy years together as they have.

    Bupa Brunswick Court caters for residents with a range of needs including Huntingdon’s and Parkinson’s. Regular activities and days out are provided, including a cinema club and live music.


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