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  • APETITO WEBINAR: Dysphagia & IDDSI Awareness

    By apetito

    Join us on Thursday 27th August for our free Dysphagia & IDDSI Webinar for Care Homes. Hosted by our Dietitians Emily Stuart & Declan Henderson, the session aims to:

    • Build understanding of dysphagia and its effects
    • Highlight the challenges dysphagia poses to residents
    • Introduce the IDDSI framework
    • Offer further free support to your care home regarding Texture Modified food.

    Sign up for free now: https://bit.ly/3gZy3Ve

    At apetito we understand that living with dysphagia can have a profound impact on the residents in your homes. Often, residents experiencing dysphagia may encounter unintended weight loss, challenges with eating and drinking, disinterest in food and reductions in dignity and quality of life.

    It is for these reasons, apetito are committed raising awareness of this condition and supporting our care homes to better understand the risks that swallowing difficulties can present.

    This session is aimed at care home owners and managers and is designed to improve awareness and understanding of dysphagia and IDDSI.

    The 2012 ‘Dysphagia in the elderly report’ highlighted that 68% of care home residents are living with some form of dysphagia or swallowing difficulties. We know how important this topic is for you and your staff to guarantee your residents safety.

    Our webinar will be hosted by our registered dietitians; Declan Henderson – apetito Specialist Nutrition Manager and apetito Company Dietitian – Emily Stuart.


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