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  • UK hospitals seeking 3,000 verified nurses

    There has been a sharp demand for nurses in UK hospitals, according to TrueProfile.io, a provider of Primary Source Verification (PSV) services, which is currently working with healthcare providers to fill much-needed roles.

    The current jobs market doesn’t paint a promising picture, with the country having fallen into a recession and suffered the largest drop in employment in more than a decade.

    However, one sector which isn’t suffering this fate is the very sector that has been so heavily relied on during the pandemic this year – healthcare. With increased budgets assigned to aid institutions in coping with the pandemic, many have realised that now is the perfect time to fill some of the increasing staffing gaps they have and are actively seeking specialised nurses.

    Alejandro Coca, Co-Head of TrueProfile.io, said: “With time-to-hire being an important factor, which hospitals wish to reduce, and the fact that verification is now more important than ever, we’re seeing an increase in UK-based hospitals and healthcare institutions coming to us for pre-verified nursing candidates in particular.

    “The healthcare sector has a lengthy hiring process of up to six months for authenticating the credentials of candidates – especially those from overseas. By verifying your credentials on our platform, we remove this obstacle altogether, making you a more appealing candidate to institutions looking to fill roles quickly, through ensuring potential employers can easily see your relevant credentials for a role.”

    Alejandro also outlined how the pandemic has meant that it’s more important than ever that candidates’ credentials are verified: “The fallout caused by the pandemic means that heightened CV fraud is more likely, so it’s crucial that employers have the peace of mind that candidates have the credentials they say they have and are who they say they are. This is another reason why we’ve witnessed an increase in demand for our services of late.

    “Applicants can use our secure portal to upload and verify professional documents and data. This then becomes what we call a ‘TrueProof’ – a form of portable credentials on our platform. Employers, regulators and HR managers can then view and verify your credentials against the blockchain, saving valuable time in the hiring process. They can use our platform to search by job title, education and qualifications, country, healthcare licence country, spoken languages, years of experience and more, to ensure they find the right healthcareprofessional.”

    TrueProfile.io is helping to fill 3,000 active nurse roles in the UK. Nurses looking for UK roles are encouraged to sign up to the platform here.


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