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  • TERN and HPMA announce partnership to address staff shortages

    TERN Group has joined forces with HPMA (Healthcare People Managers Association) to support HR practitioners and leaders within the NHS with International recruitment knowledge, best practices and solutions to staff shortages.

    TERN also has a partnership with BAPIO (British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin) Training Academy meaning they can quickly and efficiently bring fully trained, quality Doctors with a fast-track to GMC registration over to the UK within a matter of weeks.

    More importantly, this provides the NHS with a larger talent pool of top-tier Consultants and Registrars for hard-to-find specialties, willing to relocate for an NHS role available through TERN and their partners.

    The General Medical Council as announced previously (2020) had agreed that the programme will ensure that physicians are at the level required and so have granted BAPIO a sponsorship licence, meaning that they can sponsor doctors to work in the UK. TERN’s partnership with both BAPIO and the Indian Govt’s National Skills Development Council will allow the NHS to access thousands of fully trained Doctors from India that the UK so desperately needs. 

    “International recruitment of highly skilled talent is vital for the UK’s future in health and care,” says Avinav Nigam, “but it must be done right. TERN’s transparent tech solution provides a trusted path for employers and employees alike.”

    “It’s no secret that the UK has a massive talent shortage in the NHS, some roles have been left open for years, when a role is eventually filled, it’s usually with a candidate from another Trust, meaning we’re moving talent around, not finding a solution.

    “We want to get the highest quality doctors over to work for the NHS and reduce the need for locum staff, this is our way of contributing to the UK”, says Avi Nigam, co-founder of TERN Group, “We’re aiming to complete 300 placements in the first year, with a further 700 in year 2, so there should be an additional 1,000 fully qualified doctors working for the NHS by the end of 2025. That’s a goal we are very excited to deliver on. Our system delivers a completely end-to end-solution to accelerate international hiring, manage the relocation process and prepare the best medical talent to thrive in the UK health sector. Improving the quality of care is the ultimate aim.”

    “Ultimately, our main focus is the patient”, says Jo Owens, Business Manager for HPMA, “If we can get the right staff, in the right jobs, we can reduce waiting times and provide better service. Happy, well patients, that’s what we’re all working for”.

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