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  • Staffnurse.com rebrands to Jobmedic.co.uk, celebrates healthcare professionals

    Careerbuilder has re-launched its healthcare jobs board in the UK – previously known as staffnurse.com it now goes by the name of Jobmedic.co.uk.

    The re-launch aims at expanding Careerbuilder’s leadership in the niche healthcare job board market in the UK – the new site features more than 25,000 healthcare jobs every month across NHS, agency or bank and private healthcare employers.

    It also offers to potential employers’ access to profiles of more than 430,000 healthcare professionals. The site also aims to expand beyond nursing to all kinds of healthcare careers.

    The new site is being communicated with a marketing campaign designed by agency Leagas Delaney that focuses on digital, social media and out of home channels and is based on market research on the needs and aspirations of modern healthcare professionals conducted through personal interviews and focus groups.

    Alex Fourlis, Managing Director of Careerbuilder UK, said: “We spent a big part of 2017 talking to jobseekers and employers in the healthcare sector and noticed some trends that we wanted to reflect with our new site and communication. The old dilemmas and divides between NHS staff and agency or private employer staff are dying, healthcare professionals consider moving between roles a lot more freely nowadays to achieve work-life balance or personal growth.

    “Also for most healthcare professionals there is a strong emotional link to the mission, their work is to save lives and their career choice is an aspirational one. In short, they are proud of their work and they are willing to make the personal sacrifices necessary to make it work but if we look at the public conversation around NHS and especially its recruitment woes we end up painting a negative picture of their careers focusing on all the problems and shortcomings they face.

    “So we wanted to be the brand that does the opposite, sheds light on the great attributes of health professionals, celebrates their spirit, achievements and maybe even helps them get through the tough parts of their job. We want to encourage young people to join the profession not echo a conversation that discourages them.”

    The campaign that runs through May and June features real nurses and their stories and encourages healthcare professionals to share moments of their day and do one thing for themselves and grow their careers.


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