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  • Earzz: Enhance night-time care with the all new AI acoustic resident monitoring device

    Earzz Limited is a British business making AI-powered acoustic monitoring solutions that help the vulnerable and those who care for them. Built with a deep commitment to enhancing the well-being of residents, ‘Earzz’ listens, recognises, and alerts for critical sounds, making it an invaluable addition to residential homes and supported living facilities.

    Transform Night-Time Care

    Earzz comes packed with AI-powered sound detection that empowers caregivers and service users by alerting them to specific (critical) sounds during the night that would trigger concern and action. Carers are alerted within seconds on mobile devices that they may already use to help administer care, helping:

    • Reduce chances of falls;
    • Enable faster response;
    • Minimise disturbances in residents’ sleep;
    • Reduce unnecessary physical night-time checks;
    • Save costs as a direct result.

    Digitised records for easier staff handover

    Earzz also keeps digital records of important sounds in resident rooms – like coughing, gasping, thuds from falls, that enable easier handover for staff. Here is a quick video about Earzz.

    Enabling person centred care

    Carers can now use the digital records to also make proactive, preventative interventions by identifying signs and patterns through sounds that may otherwise get missed –

    • Worsening health (through measures of coughing, snoring, shouting, screams, thuds from falls)
    • Restless nights (through Earzz’s Audible Sounds Alerting functionality)

    Each sound that Earzz recognises comes clearly stamped with the time, date and the device name (often linked with / named after the resident’s room) helping carers take personalised, proactive action unlike ever before.

    Saving operational costs for care homes

    For care homes, Earzz not only improves the level of care but also yields reductions in operational costs. The system alerts staff instantly (within seconds) when residents require care, freeing staff from time-consuming regular checks and helping them focus on more productive tasks, saving time and costs. In the context of supported-living facilities, this technology provides a higher level of independence, helping individuals live life on their terms.

    With recent NHS studies demonstrating the value of acoustic monitoring in care homes, the time is right to usher in an all new cutting-edge acoustic alerting solution that is powered by AI to help reduce costs and improve the quality of the care.

    Want to learn more? Click here to book a demo with Earzz today.


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