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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: SafeSense 3 by wissner-bosserhoff

    SafeSense® 3 by wissner-bosserhoff is an integrated real-time movement monitoring device that can detect dangers at an early stage and corresponding warning messages can be recorded silently if preferred or forwarded as an active DECT call.

    If forwarded, staff are notified of resident’s lack of movement in bed, enabling them to quickly identify and respond to pressure injury risks. The recorded 24-hour movement profile also provides a good database for further anamnesis.

    The bed exit monitoring provides nursing staff with an overview of bed occupancy at all times and an individualised bed exit message can be set for residents depending on the care requirements. This technology can significantly change the way care is prioritized and provide effective relief to night and weekend teams, especially when short staffed.

    SafeSense® 3 can also be optionally equipped with a moisture assistant. If there is moisture in the bed, a silent alarm is transmitted to the monitoring system and, if necessary, a call can also be transmitted to the call system available in the home. The moisture assistant detects moisture in the bed at an early stage and helps to better protect residents from maceration and pressure injuries. Wissner-bosserhoff’s SafeSense 3 is compatible with current operating systems such as Windows, Android and iOS and the functionalities can be flexibly expanded to  offer a future-proof solution.


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