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  • CSJ praises Camphill Community for the learning disabled…

    The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), an independent think-tank developed to put social justice at the centre of British politics, has praised the historic community of Camphill Newton Dee for its ‘many lessons for Care in a communal setting’ as part of their ‘The Need for Community’ report.

    In addition to being described as ‘flexible and unique’, the report also acknowledges Camphill Newton Dee as; a community that has moved away from the conventional dynamic of ‘carer and cared for’; upholding a strength to allow for ‘outward looking’; and how the day-to-day meaningful work can give members a strong sense of identity and purpose.

    Tom Marx of The Alliance for Camphill said: “It’s really great to see such recognition for the benefits of the Camphill Shared Living, Shared-working model. Over the last 60 years, Camphill have provided stable, caring, supportive and sustainable environments for some of the county’s most vulnerable people, allowing them the opportunity for meaningful work, involvement in real vibrant community and to live as independently as they choose to.”

    Camphill communities across the UK and Ireland aim to provide a safe, effective and caring environment where individuals receiving support are recognised as full contributing members of their community and avoiding possible social isolation and loneliness.

    Read the full report here


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