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  • Care workers need help protecting their mental health

    The Care sector does a tremendous job looking after other people, but does it do such a great job of looking after its own staff, especially when it comes to their mental health and wellbeing?

    Care workers have some of the most stressful and emotionally challenging jobs imaginable. On any given day, they’ll be dealing with families in crisis, providing end-of-life care and dealing with shocking cases of abuse. Those who work in the back office don’t escape the effects. Fundraisers are under constant pressure to hit targets, communications teams must ensure every campaign is a success and managers often find themselves juggling dwindling resources and growing demand for services.

    The shocking statistics behind mental ill-health in the care sector…

    • 71% of carers have poor physical or mental health.
    • 84% of carers felt stressed, 78% felt more anxious and 55% reported that they suffered from depression as a result of working in care.
    • 38% of young carers report having a mental health problem, yet only half report receiving additional support.

    Stats taken from ​Mental Health Foundation.

    Not enough ’embedded’ support

    On top of there being no legislation in place for emotional support, care and charity sectors are suffering hugely from a lack of investment into staff mental health and wellbeing. Many care and charity employers may offer support in the form of helplines or counselling but the support is not embedded in the workplace itself and this is where the real problem lies. If support isn’t available from within the workplace then workers are much less likely to seek it.

    If you’re looking for effective awareness training for your workplace, iHASCO​ have a dedicated Mental Health Awareness Course for Care workers​ and you can get started with a free trial today!


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