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  • The Importance of HR Compliance Training for Care Workers

    HR Compliance is often an area that gets overlooked in the Care Sector and is not always given the attention it deserves.

    Effective HR Compliance Training can be the difference between keeping employees or losing them due to negative working environments or conflicts at work.

    Not to mention the obvious benefits like employee retention, building new skills and improving job performance, HR Compliance Courses such as Bullying & Harassment and Sexual Harassment Awareness enables employers to equip employees with knowledge on these topics & prevent these scenarios from panning out in the workplace.

    What can HR Compliance Training do for me?

    By implementing effective HR Compliance Training you are able to provide ongoing training opportunities that show dedication to employee growth and wellbeing. A study​ into training employees and a companies success found that there is a significant relationship between training and higher productivity at work. By providing employees with the right training they can improve their knowledge and skill set to meet their job requirements and sometimes exceed their required job roles to progress in the company. As well as providing opportunities to excel in their jobs, HR

    Training can help employees to identify & prevent things like stress and provide tools and guidance for daily wellbeing-management.

    So why is HR Compliance Training important in Care?

    Health and social care can be a demanding, yet very rewarding field to work in. Within these jobs, employees are offered lots of opportunities to help improve people’s standards of living. With this in mind, workers often have a large amount of responsibility in their job roles due to the number of people relying on their care. Subsequently, the Mental Health Foundation found that 71% of carers have poor physical or mental health. And it may well be that they find the job too stressful, or they don’t feel supported or well equipped with the right knowledge. In this situation, effective HR Compliance Training such as Stress Awareness and Mental Health Awareness can help workers to take positive steps to identify and prevent stress at work.

    iHASCO eLearning

    To date, iHASCO have over 400 Care organisations currently using our growing library of training courses. We provide a simple, yet effective eLearning solution that consists of an extensive range of Care specific training courses, a Learning Management System and dedicated support.

    Think your organisation could benefit from ​HR Compliance Training​? Get in touch for a free trial today!


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