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  • Artificial Intelligence in healthcare estimated to reach $28 Million by 2025

    Artificial Intelligence

    Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the healthcare industry is expanding rapidly at a global level, according to a new report from BIS Research.

    The rapid pace at which the scientific innovations are taking place, the spanning of artificial intelligence into various healthcare verticals and the fact that the efficiency of systems can be improved using artificial intelligence are factors fuelling growth in a market set to reach $28 million by 2025.

    The report says the North American industry was an early adopter of artificial intelligence technologies, which has now made it a hub for the companies providing artificial intelligence solutions for the healthcare market.

    With the presence of all the major companies in the artificial intelligence market, the region acquires the major market share and is currently dominating global artificial intelligence in the healthcare market.

    North America also offers companies potential growth opportunities because of the increased adoption of artificial intelligence technologies across various verticals of the healthcare industry.

    The most often used strategy for developing a better hold on to the market has been through partnerships & collaborations, followed by new product launches.

    Some of the key players identified inthe market are iCarbonX.com, GE Healthcare, Medtronic PLC, Enlitic Inc., Alphabet Inc., NVIDIA Corporation, Next IT Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson Services Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Koninklijke Philips N.V., International Business Machines Corporation, Intel Corporation, Siemens Healthcare GmbH, Flatiron Health Inc., and Welltok Inc.


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