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  • The NHS is 70, but will it last another 70 years?

    The NHS celebrates it’s 70th anniversary, with events celebrating the milestone including a service at Westminster Abbey and a royal visit to Wales.

    But, what do the people of the Britain think the future holds for the NHS?

    A recent YouGov poll asked the nation for their opinions on the service, with interesting results. 

    Over half of Britons expect the NHS to get worse over the next few years

    51% of those polled thought the service would suffer in the coming years, with less than a quarter (24%) confident that the same level of service would be available. One in six (16%) thought the NHS would actually improve.

    Most feel that the Government aren’t doing a proper job of looking after the service, with nearly three quarters (73%) admitting they felt the NHS was being handled badly.

    And, half of those polled (50%) didn’t believe the NHS would last for another 70 years.

    Brits are generally happy with the level of healthcare

    59% were satisfied with the system, putting Britain second in line with the eight countries surveyed for response on their own healthcare systems, behind Finland in first place with 55% satisfied. Denmark comes third with 53%, with France fourth (50%).

    The USA, which has the most privatised system, comes bottom of the pack with only 20% satisfied with the healthcare system, and a whopping 50% not happy at all.

    Brits not so confident in the NHS when it comes to mental health issues

    Although the British public are generally confident the ability of the NHS to treat physical ailments, less than half (43%) believed the service was capable of helping deal with mental health issues, and almost half (49%) had either no or not a lot of confidence. 

    The NHS should be free for everyone

    Most Britons polled believed the system should stay free for everyone, including visits to the GP (83%), minor operations (75%), vaccinations (65%), Hospital meals (64%), hospital parking (57%), eye tests (53%) and dental checkups (52%). The only are that dropped below half was prescriptions, with a majority (53%) believing there should be charges for some users, but should be free for others, in line with current policy.


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