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  • Sleeping in separate beds could prevent heart disease

    Sleeping in separate beds to your loved ones could present major health benefits, according to social network Silversurfers.

    In a recent poll, over 84% of over 50s admitted that sleeping in separate beds, or even rooms, made perfect sense for long term relationships.

    Partner disturbances are the second most common cause in the UK, behind worry and stress, and in 2015 the UK sleep quality was ranked 45th out of 57, with an average sleep time of 7 hours 22 minutes.

    “Long term sleep deprivation has been linked to some serious health problems such as heart disease and stroke,” said Martin Lock, CEO of Silversurfers.com, a social media site for over 50s, “Having a good night’s sleep makes such a difference to your energy levels and can affect your mood.”

    Asking the Silversurfers community, Mr Lock said that “over 2/3rds of the over 50s are in happy marriages with a third of them having been together for an enduring 41-50 years according to our Survey on Relationships in May 2016 of 2,261 Silversurfers, so sleeping apart seems to work for the over 50s!”

    One commented remarked, “You don’t have to share a bed to love each other”


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