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  • Robotic dog ‘Biscuit’ helps Dorset care home residents

    A robotic dog has moved into a Dorset care home to help care for the elderly residents.

    The dog, named ‘Biscuit,’ has become a favourite with the residents from Templeman House, Bournemouth.

    With realistic fur and ‘BarkBack’ technology, robotic dogs and cats are nothing new, with Hasbro launching its ‘Joy For All’ brand of Companion Pets 18 months ago to help ease stress and loneliness issues that are common with elderly patients, with the first pet being a cat equipped with soft fur that gently vibrates as it purrs.

    “Aging loved ones and their caregivers have been thrilled with the Companion Pet Cats, and we are inspired by their positive feedback and personal stories,’ said Ted Fischer, vice president of business development at Hasbro.

    “The Cat delivers a unique way for all generations to connect deeply through interaction and play, but dog lovers continually asked when we planned to add a dog to the line.’

    “We are truly excited for the new Joy For All product – the Companion Pet Pup – to bring even more lighthearted fun and laughter to seniors and their families.”


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