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  • Pharma Nord Vitamin D chosen for groundbreaking clinical trial

    Pharma Nord’s Bio-Vitamin D3 has been chosen for a groundbreaking clinical trial on the effects of vitamin D supplementation on the immune system and protecting against Covid-19.

    The supplements will be taken by over 5,000 people for a period of six months as they take part in the Queen Mary University of London ‘Coronavit’ study.

    Scientists hope that the large-scale trial will help to find out if correcting people’s vitamin D deficiencies over winter can reduce the risk and/or severity of Covid-19 and other acute respiratory infections.

    Pharma Nord’s Bio-Vitamin D3 has been chosen for the Coronavit study because of its long-established use in other clinical trials and a number of previously published studies which show Bio-Vitamin D3’s effectiveness and its ability to raise vitamin D levels in the blood.

    Bent Henriksen, Pharma Nord UK managing director, said: “To be chosen for one of the most important and high profile clinical trials in recent years is a real accolade for Pharma Nord and a hugely valuable seal of approval for the quality, safety and bioavailability of our Bio-Vitamin D3.

    “The scientists at Queen Mary University are doing some amazing work in this field and it will be fascinating to see how the Coronavit study pans out.

    “It was vitally important for them to choose a vitamin D supplement with a proven track record in clinical trials and documented evidence of its effectiveness in raising levels of vitamin D in the blood.

    “Pharma Nord Bio-Vitamin D3 ticks both boxes in this respect and the fact that it is made to pharmaceutical standards is a further sign of quality which will be crucial when it comes to assessing the results of such a large-scale trial.”

    For a total of six months, the Coronavit study participants will be given supplements of vitamin D in two different strengths.

    Half the subjects will be taking 20-microgram capsules, while the other half will be given capsules with 80 micrograms. The study is open-label and has no placebo group.

    Those behind the trial say that it has the potential to give a definitive answer to the question of whether vitamin D offers protection against Covid-19 and other respiratory infections.

    The UK Government already recommends that adults and children over four years old consider taking a daily Vitamin D3 supplement during the autumn and winter.

    The Coronavit study has received funding from Fischer Family Trust, a charity organization specialised in supporting medical research and education. It is also supported by Barts Charity and the Aim Foundation.


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