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  • OPINION: A bright light is shining on care homes

    By Care Home Management

    With all the doom and gloom about “shock care home insolvencies” and the problems of financing care home excellence out of diminishing local authority budgets, how lovely it was to see among May’s Care Quality Commission reports an across-the-board outstanding rating for Mansard House in Preston.

    Mansard House is a care home for up to 10 adults with mental health conditions, where accommodation and/or personal care is provided as a single (publicly-funded) package. The inspectors who visited the home were clearly impressed by what they saw. Among the very many positive comments they had to make on the home, they said:

    “People’s dignity was consistently promoted and their privacy was always respected”…

    “The home.. produced exceptionally detailed assessments of people’s needs… care and support were extremely person-centred”….

    “Mansard House was constantly striving … to look for innovative and creative ways to move the service forward.”

    Every issue Care Home Management magazine receives a large number of news relating to care homes and their staff, and unfortunately, not all of it is positive. In fact, in these days of financial austerity and political uncertainty, sometimes it can seem hard to remember why we work in this industry at all.

    However, as the July issue of Care Home Management will show there is plenty about the care home business of which we can be very proud.

    If you’d like to find out more about the great work homes like Mansard are doing, why not visit the Care Home Management magazine website, www.chmonline.co.uk? Here, you can sign up to receive the magazine for free.

    Alternatively, why not come and meet the new editorial team at the Care Forum event on July 2-3?


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