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  • NURSE CALL MONTH: From assessing needs to scaleability – How to ensure you choose the right partners

    Ensuring the safety and well-being of residents in any car home environment is paramount. Nurse call systems play a crucial role in achieving this goal, allowing residents to summon assistance promptly in case of need. Selecting the right system requires careful consideration, as it directly impacts resident care and staff efficiency. Here are some key factors for care home managers navigating this important decision…

    1. Assess Residents’ Needs:

    The first step is to thoroughly understand your residents’ specific needs and requirements. Consider factors like:

    • Resident demographics: Age, mobility levels, and potential cognitive impairments will influence the functionalities they require.
    • Types of care provided: Different levels of care necessitate varying degrees of system functionality (e.g., fall detection, wandering alerts).
    • Staffing levels and skillsets: Ensure the chosen system complements your existing staff structure and their comfort level with new technology.

    2. Prioritise Ease of Use:

    Both residents and staff must find the system user-friendly and intuitive. Opt for systems with straightforward call initiation mechanisms (e.g., large, easily identifiable buttons) and clear visual or audible alerts for staff.

    3. Functionality and Features:

    Go beyond basic call functions. Consider features like two-way communication, pendant alarms for mobility-impaired residents, and integration with other care management systems (e.g., electronic medication administration records).

    4. Reliability and Durability:

    Nurse call systems operate 24/7 in demanding environments. Choose reliable and durable systems with robust technology, a proven track record, and readily available technical support in the UK.

    5. Scalability and Future-proofing:

    Consider your care home’s potential future growth. Opt for adaptable systems that can be easily scaled-up or expanded to accommodate additional beds or new functionalities as needs evolve.

    6. Data Security and Compliance:

    Resident privacy is paramount. Ensure the chosen system complies with relevant data protection regulations like the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Evaluate data encryption practices and user access controls to safeguard resident information.

    7. Cost Considerations:

    While cost is a factor, consider it within the context of value. Look beyond the initial purchase price and factor in ongoing costs like maintenance, support contracts, and potential software upgrades. Compare pricing structures of different providers, ensuring transparency and a clear understanding of all associated costs.

    8. Demonstration and On-site Support:

    Request live demonstrations of potential systems to assess their functionality and user-friendliness. Inquire about post-installation support, including staff training, technical assistance, and troubleshooting procedures.

    9. References and Reputation:

    Seek references from existing care homes utilizing the shortlisted systems. This allows you to gain valuable insights into real-world experiences, customer service quality, and the provider’s responsiveness to issues.

    10. Partnering for Success:

    Choosing a nurse call system provider is not simply a one-time transaction; it’s the beginning of a partnership. Select a provider with a strong reputation for customer service, ongoing support, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

    By meticulously considering these key points, UK care home managers can make informed decisions when selecting nurse call systems. The right system will not only enhance resident care and safety but also streamline staff workflow, contribute to a more positive care environment, and ultimately foster peace of mind for residents and their families.

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