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  • NURSE CALL MONTH: Finding the Right Fit – Top tips for sourcing the best solutions

    Ensuring resident safety and well-being is clearly the top priority in all care homes. Nurse call systems play a vital role in achieving this by enabling residents to summon assistance quickly and easily. But with a variety of providers offering different solutions, choosing the right system can feel overwhelming. Here are some top tips for care home managers navigating the process, based on input from Care Forum attendees…

    1. Assess Your Needs:

    Before diving into product comparisons, take a step back. Consider the specific needs of your care home:

    • Number of residents and staff: This will influence the scale and complexity of the system required.
    • Resident profile: Are there residents with dementia, mobility issues, or specific communication needs? Tailor the system to their abilities.
    • Budgetary constraints: Be realistic about your budget and seek solutions that offer good value for money.

    2. Research and Compare Providers:

    Once you have a clear understanding of your needs, research potential providers. Look for companies with experience in the care home sector, ideally specializing in solutions for the UK market. Here are some key aspects to compare:

    • Product Range: Do they offer a variety of call options (pull cords, wearable pendants, etc.) to accommodate different resident needs?
    • Technology: Is the system reliable and easy to use for both residents and staff? Does it integrate seamlessly with existing care management software?
    • Scalability: Can the system be easily expanded as your care home grows or your needs evolve?
    • Support and Training: Does the provider offer comprehensive installation, training, and ongoing technical support?

    3. Get Quotes and References:

    Once you’ve shortlisted a few providers, request quotes outlining the system cost, installation fees, and any ongoing maintenance charges. Don’t be afraid to negotiate! Additionally, ask for references from other care homes using their system. Speak to their staff about their experience with the product, installation process, and ongoing support.

    4. Consider Security and Data Protection:

    Resident privacy is paramount. Ensure the provider complies with data protection regulations like GDPR. The system should have robust security measures to protect sensitive resident information.

    5. Look Beyond the System:

    The best nurse call provider is an extension of your care team. Look for a company that fosters a collaborative approach. Are they open to discussing your specific needs and tailoring solutions accordingly?

    Bonus Tip:

    Consider trialling a pilot system in a small section of your care home before full implementation. This allows staff and residents to familiarise themselves with the system and identify any potential issues before a wider rollout.

    By following these tips, you can make informed decisions when sourcing nurse call solutions. The right system will not only enhance resident safety and well-being, but also streamline staff communication and workflow, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and compassionate care environment.

    Are you searching for Nurse Call solutions for your organisation? The Care Forum can help!

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