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  • New year and new resolutions for social care

    New year, new resolutions…  did you make any? Have you joined the many thousands of people who resolved to lose weight, stop smoking or otherwise make healthy lifestyle changes? Are you still going to the gym you signed up for so resolutely on New Year’s Day, while nursing the hangover you promised yourself would be your last?

    For those with an eye on political matters, the key question moving forward is: what is our Government’s New Year’s resolution for social care? It now has a clear mandate, and a clear majority to take the country forward over the next five years. There can be few excuses now for not ‘getting social care done’.

    Of all the parties pledging action on social care before the election, the Conservatives were, perhaps, the least specific about what would be in store for our sector. The pledge to build a cross-party consensus is welcome. But as we have seen in the distant, as well as the more recent past with Brexit, this can take time and sometimes quite significant political risk to achieve – and with the other political parties thrust into such fundamental disarray – it is, perhaps, questionable, whether there are any opposition health department ministers in post with whom to get building. My guess is that yet again, the care homes who will do best are those that look to their own resources and initiative to achieve the progress and improvements they want.

    For us here at Care Home Management, we’re also looking forward to an exciting new year. Eagle-eyed readers will already have seen some new features for 2020 – in our January issue we introduced new, regular features on tech and in care home research to keep you up to date in our changing world. There’s also a new prize draw crossword for you to enter.

    Pic We’ve also launched our first Readers’ Award for Excellent Supplier Service. Nomination forms will be available from our stand at the 2020 Care Forum and on our website for download. For more information, visit https://chmonline.co.uk/care-home-management-launches-first-readers-award/

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    In each podcast listeners can hear from a care home manager with expertise and insight to share; in recent episodes listeners have heard from Sheryl Davis, home manager at Brandon House in Coventry, who explains why they signed up for Age UK’s Postcards of Kindness initiative. Sending and receiving postcards from around the world has led to the setting up of a real-life post office in the care home and this has been a real hit with residents and carers.

    We have also talked recent to the National Association of Care Catering’s new National Chair Sue Cawthray about nutrition and resident wellbeing.

    In our supplier interviews we have also chatted to Nicola Whittaker, national account manager at leading laundry and dishwasher equipment manufacturer Miele Professional to pass on some great laundry infection control tips and how to design and layout your laundry room for maximum efficiencies.

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