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  • More social care integration needed between the NHS and local government

    Senior figures from from the NHS and local Government in Scotland are being urged to increase “pace and effectiveness” of work to integrate health and social care.

    Health Secretary Jeane Freeman has stressed the need to ‘accelerate progress’, based on a report reviewing the integration of health and social care services to ensure people get the help they need.

    During a review in Scotland, NHS Scotland chief executive Paul Gray and Sally Louden, chief executive of the council umbrella group Cosla, found that relationships between the NHS, councils, charities and independent providers must improve over the next 12 months, along with the need for integrated jobs boards (IJBs) to “use the totality of resources at their disposal to better meet the needs of their local populations.”

    “Truly integrated services, focused on the needs of citizens, require our leadership and personal commitment,” said Freeman.

    “I am pleased that the Scottish Government and Cosla are working in partnership to ensure the success of integration.

    “We need to act together and in our individual roles to accelerate progress.”

    Cosla’s health and social care spokesman, Councillior Stuart Currie, said: “Good progress has been made under integration to date but, as highlighted by Audit Scotland last year, there is always more we can do to achieve improved outcomes for our communities.

    “Cosla welcomes the proposals and their broad endorsement across the system sends a strong message of commitment to the health and social care integration agenda.”


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