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    Elderly people are at an increased risk of malnutrition. It weakens the immune system, increases the potential of falls and slows recovery. One of the key parameters for the prevention of malnutrition is a healthy body weight. For nutritional status monitoring in elderly care patients, class III approved medical grade scales should be used, as per the NAWI Directive and Department of Health.

    These scales are calibrated precision instruments that provide the most accurate weighing of patients. To be certain that they keep precision over time and that you can rely on the acquired weighing results, annual calibration testing is necessary. Only accurate scales ensure a proper weight and nutrition monitoring.

    World class service from seca

    seca is the world market leader exclusively focused on medical measuring and weighing, renowned for its multifunctional scales and chair scales, that are especially designed to comfortably weigh and measure elderly patients, while minimising the risk of falling and manual handling for staff members. In addition to its weighing solutions, seca is committed to world class service including calibration, repair and reverification.

    Professional scale testing

    Unlike other providers, we do not take scale testing lightly. With seca, each adult scale at your facility is loaded with a minimum of 100 kg of weight, in increments of 20 kg (five-point calibration test).

    According to the Office for National Statistics, the average female weight is 70.2kg. The average male weight is 83.6kg. Therefore, only a test load of a minimum of 100 kg ensures accurate weight readings. If the reading is out of tolerance, the scale will be recalibrated and reverified. Onsite repairs can also be performed by our experienced National Service Team. Of course, we only use with calibrated weights, that are certified by a UKAS Approved Lab.

    Smooth and interruption-free testing procedure

    seca Engineers search independently for all scales at your location and coordinate the inventory. seca personnel are aware of the sensitiveness of care home settings, they are all covid vaccinated, DBS-checked and carry MIA ID cards. The whole process is performed without interruption for your daily care work. Infection control measures are undertaken, and all devices will be cleaned and disinfected. For each device you will receive a certificate and a service report in our online service portal.


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