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  • London clinic to focus on women’s health

    A new clinic on London’s Harley Street is set to offer discrete care services covering only the major fields of women’s health.

    The luxury clinic has reportedly received considerable investment and, equipped to high standards, will focus on tackling women’s health issues from the menopause to emotional wellbeing and is even offering aesthetic plastic surgery.

    Reminding clients ‘there is only one you,’ Twenty-five Harley Street offers a wide variety of diagnostic tests within the single clinic, with patients able to expect the ‘full service’ within one visit, without having to be referred.

    The medical team has been specifically chosen by medical director and consultant rheumatologist, Dr Stephanie Kaye-Barret, who has been named as one of the top UK consultants. The team includes Professor David Reid, who is an internationally recognised expert in bone health, and has been brought to fruition by entrepreneur Anna Tigipko.

    “Patients rightly assume that they will get the very best consultants at Harley Street,” said Miss Tigipko. “Our new day case clinic has been driven by our desire to provide patients with the fully-integrated services they need within a sumptuous setting.”

    “Harley Street has the best reputation for quality medical services, however, we cannot be complacent and it is critical to adopt integrated, consultant-led approaches based on the changing needs of discerning patients.”


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