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  • Job satisfaction tops list of priorities for care professionals

    87.9 per cent of care professionals say enjoying their jobs is a better measure of career success than having a high salary (24.2 per cent), according to a survey by CV-Library.

    However, 21 per cent believe that their career success is defined by how others see their achievements.

    The survey asked care professionals how they felt about their career and whether they thought they were on the road to success.

    Just over three-quarters said that career success is important to them, while 63.6 per cent felt that they hadn’t achieved career success yet.

    The top five ways that care professionals measure success are:

    Enjoying what you do – 87.9%
    Doing a job that makes a different to people’s lives – 81.8%
    Being proud of what you’ve achieved – 69.7%
    Working for a company you love – 63.6%
    Making lifelong friendships with colleagues – 42.4%

    Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, said: “It’s evident that the rewarding nature of the work in this sector plays a big role in how carers view success. That said, it’s concerning to learn that one in five professionals in the sector define their career success by how others view them, not themselves. Employers need to promote a culture where all achievements are celebrated, helping workers feel proud of their individual successes.”


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