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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: SafeFree – The patented side guard system

    For operators and nursing staff, handling side guards is a real dilemma associated with serious liability risks.

    Side guards that offer “too little protection” can lead to serious falls.

    Side guards that offer “too much protection” can, on the other hand, be legally seen as a freedom-depriving measure and lead to criminal prosecution.

    SafeFree® makes all the difference with its tried and tested half-length side guard with foot-end bed egress >102 cm.

    Compared to bed rails with a central or foot gap at >31.8 cm, this type of side guard did well in the assessment of freedom depriving measures given by a network of experienced judges, which was initiated by the procedural approach Werdenfelser Weg (WW).

    To learn more about this contact Robert Marsden, National Account Manager on 07880 204437 or email Robert.marsden@linet.uk.com.


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