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  • Industry Spotlight: New iCareHealth software promises to develop skills and improve communication…

    A unique and innovative learning management software system developed by the social care technology provider, iCareHealth, claims to provide industry professionals with unprecedented access to a wide range of practical resources that can help with advancing the necessary skills and daily activities of care staff.

    The Electronic Medication Management system claims to enable care professionals to manage records of each medication home residents are provided with; in addition to logging other observations in a ‘clear and accurate’ audit trail. By implementing the software, care homes will also be able to communicate via a messaging system with pharmacies, allowing both parties to send online messages and notify pharmacists of a changed medication or a new order.

    CEO of iCareHealth, Rohan Vendy, comments on the new software system: “Every time a new process is put in place or changed, training needs to happen. Yet upskilling staff in new processes, policies and technologies is expensive and hard to manage.”

    Furthermore, other key features of the software include: stock inventory management, incorporating efficient tools to effectively manage stock levels and drug disposal, allowing access to an electronic stock file that is updated in real time, meanwhile reducing drug wastage; an ‘alerts and warnings’ setting – helping to ensure care staff are in compliance with the safest medication administration procedures; and an ‘eLearning and Competency Management’ feature, presenting managers with the ability to manage ‘simple, intuitive’ workflows and monitor the progress each individual is making towards training compliance.  


    Learn more about the Electronic Medication Management system here 


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