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  • Industry Spotlight: Making patients’ and carers’ lives easier

    In the UK alone, there are 14.6 million patients who are on repeat medication. Of those, some 11.6 million are over 65 years old and will be prescribed more than five ‘regular’ items on their prescription.

    It is believed that some 50% of people do not take their medication correctly and this percentage increases with both age and the number of medicines prescribed.

    People not taking medicines as prescribed is estimated to cost the NHS £500 million every year (in addition to the enormous annual cost of wasted medication which stands at around £300 million).

    PillTime.co.uk is a free service that has been launched to tackle this problem and to make life easier for the patient and those caring for the patient.

    It is ideal for people taking multiple medication and offers a helping hand for anyone suffering from conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, kidney or heart problems, depression or high blood pressure.

    “Using PillTime.co.uk pouches makes taking multiple medicines easy,” said award-winning pharmacist Paul Mayberry, “We make taking your medicines less confusing, so you can take them exactly as your doctor prescribed and therefore get the best out of them”

    You can click here for more information.


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