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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Getting to grips with Assistive Technology

    As with any new device, new assistive technology can sometimes take a little while to get used to.

    To help our clients begin the learning curve and the short journey to realising the full benefits of their assistive technology, our friendly, experienced AT engineers have shared a list of top hints, tips and tricks:

    • Perseverance – there is often a lightbulb moment when users fully understand and grasp all the functions of their new device.
    • Installation Buddy – on the day that new assistive technology is installed, it can be overwhelming for users to understand everything and remember to ask all the necessary questions. That is why we always recommend an installation buddy: someone that will be present when the device is being installed and can help them navigate through any initial concerns and questions.
    • Website Accessibility – when using switch control devices, opt to use mobile sites as they tend to be a lot easier to navigate and more accessible for selecting the right options.
    • Maintenance – As the new owner of assistive technology, regular maintenance is an important part of the aftercare. With stringent rules and regulations, it is important that all devices are regularly inspected by fully certified engineers. Our engineers are all certified to the latest standards, so you can rest assured that any maintenance work completed adheres to the most recent specifications.

    To speak to our friendly customer services team about our assistive technology solutions, call 0113 270 4841, email assist@steepergroup.com or visit www.steepergroup.com.


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