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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Digital Touchscreen Nursecall – Join the digital revolution!

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    Every bed-head of a registered care facility requires a fully compliant Nursecall Unit – what if this compliant Nursecall Unit was also a touchscreen console which allowed: carers to access and enter care notes, residents to video chat with loved ones and relatives to provide remote support?

    The ENS Aurum Touchscreen Nursecall provides all the above and is already installed and working in care homes of many of the UK’s leading Operators.

    Aurum benefits from tried and tested RF technology already installed in 1000+ care homes, and is both ergonomic and ruggedized. A simple ‘clip on clip off feature’ allows staff to easily detach the touchscreen console to sit on the bedside with the resident while having a consultation, and then simply clip back on to the charge base.

    Aurum removes the need for staff to use mobile handsets for care notes where screen sizes are restricted and where charging regimes are a potential point of failure – the Aurum screen is 8” or 10” and is always charged.

    Also incorporating ‘automatic handsfree staff registration’ and ‘Light guidance and fall management’… the Aurum Nursecall is far and away the most advanced and comprehensive Nursecall communications product available in the UK. Perfect for both new build and retro-fits.

    With 30+ years experience in the manufacture, installation and support of leading Nursecall technology, ENS has designed Aurum to be cost effective and simple to install and maintain with 95% of the systems devices being wireless.

    Aurum saves time and money whilst offering an unparalleled feature set.

    Aurum is already selected by: Caring Homes, Hallmark Care Homes, Signature, Care South ExtraCare Charitable Trust, Bromford Care and many more.

    Join the Digital Technology revolution.


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