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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: CBRE Global Workplace Solutions

    CBRE recognises that the care sector is evolving both in terms of direct delivery and the way in which operations and properties are managed.

    Our experience of working with a range of companies in the sector has reinforced the requirement of ongoing cost reduction where possible.

    CBRE has a dedicated Health and Wellbeing Business Unit within our National Accounts Division. This team focuses solely on companies which operate within the care, health, wellbeing and education sectors. Our processes, maintenance regimes and management information reflect these specialist areas.

    CBRE provides continuous care focused training programmes and development plans for our staff, engineers and supply partners. This ensures our people are matched to the requirements of their contracts, both in terms of skill set and suitability to the role.

    We have developed a deep understanding of the requirements of care homes, including the nature of the business and the lease management and time frames.

    CBRE understands the options that surround lease hold properties, such as altering maintenance strategies, and looking at short term solutions when problems with plant arise.

    CBRE operates on over 300 contracts across the UK and Ireland, enabling us to share experience and drive best practice and innovation across our network. Our care and healthcare sector managers are in regular contact through internal networking events where they discuss issues and share knowledge, driving improvements for all our customers.

    Ryan Jarman
    CBRE Business Unit Leader – Health & Wellbeing
    +44 794468217


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