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  • How Joerns Healthcare are maximising product life to ensure best value

    By Joerns Healthcare

    An initial purchase price may seem like an attractive proposition, but it’s important to consider more than this headline grabber when procuring healthcare equipment. There are other factors that can mean over the course of a product’s useful lifespan, the total, realised cost of ownership turns out to be much more than anticipated. Some key considerations are quality, performance, cost of spares and associated replacement schedules.

    We believe any person or organisation sourcing goods has a fundamental objective of achieving value for money and that can be presented and perceived in numerous ways. Joerns Healthcare are committed to ensuring its products and services provide best value through the integration of technology and features to support effective and efficient use along with maximised service lives.

    There are few better examples than Joerns Healthcare’s range of Oxford patient lifts which incorporate a unique on-board diagnostic control system as standard. It supports service routines in line with LOLER regulations, recording operational data with unrivalled logic and precision.

    Individually programmed to your lift, the intelligent system records the exact amount of work completed by the actuator, each and every time the lift is used. The bespoke software converts this data to provide one of the industry’s most accurate and trusted lift cycle counters, via the on-board LCD screen.

    There is much debate around what consists a lift cycle, with many manufacturers simply applying nominal load and partial mid-range actuator travel as the calculation. By design, this can lead to more than one lift cycle being registered during a single lifting operation. You might therefore imagine that actuator replacement, based on a recommended lift cycle schedule can soon become a costly affair over the course of a product’s useful lifespan.

    Oxford patient hoists only record a lift cycle when the actuator has accumulated the exact amount of work necessary for one complete lift (a full up and down actuation) at maximum lifting capacity. This unique method of counting ensures Oxford patient lifts benefit from significantly longer service lives and facilities benefit from reduced maintenance and expensive actuator replacement costs.

    If we consider patient slings as another example, the nature of their use means they require regular laundering. This process, at higher temperatures often leads to an inherent problem of fading labels and the loss of important information. A successful LOLER service/inspection hinges on the serial number and safe working load remaining clearly legible in order to be successfully recommissioned.

    It is for this reason that Joerns employ fade-free, woven labels on all Oxford slings. This label set contains not only the serial number and safe working load but a wealth of other information ensuring their safe use. Having to continually replace otherwise perfectly good slings due to basic information becoming illegible can prove an expensive process. Oxford slings sidestep such frustration, providing best value and maximised service life.

    Of course, improving the longevity of components to ensure value is only effective if you have a quality product to begin with. Joerns Healthcare and the Oxford name have a long-standing reputation for supplying leading and reliable solutions to the care continuum. Our mobile floor hoists and stand-aids are backed by a comprehensive five year warranty. Not only does this offer peace of mind but is testament to the quality of product you can expect from a leading manufacturer.

    With over 65 years’ experience in patient handling, we have an acute understanding of the true needs and expectations of care facilities. We offer an extensive choice of patient handling solutions, designed to keep patients and care-givers safe, healthy and free from injury. Additionally, through a comprehensive suite of clinical and technical training courses, we are more than just a manufacturer and will continue to work with and support you long after the initial sale.

    For more information on our range of patient handling solutions, call us on 0844 811 1156. Alternatively, you can send an email to info@joerns.co.uk or visit www.joerns.co.uk.


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