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  • How can Asset Management help optimise operations and enhance patient care?

    As a care home operator, you might feel overwhelmed at the amount of assets your care facility uses. Many care providers struggle to keep track of all their equipment, what condition it is in and how much the equipment is costing them in repairs. This challenge is intensified the older the equipment gets. If you have more than one site, it could be quite a task to manage all these assets, especially if your care managers are responsible for the provision of equipment themselves.

    Asset Management allows owners and operators to have full visibility into their care equipment assets from the quantity, age and condition, to how much they’ve spent on each asset. This can help providers manage their assets from one place, meaning they can spend more time focusing on the care they provide to their residents.

    What other benefits can you gain from an Asset Management Programme?

    • Full visibility of your assets
    • Reduce risk of equipment failure
    • Reduce costs of repairs
    • Proactive planning and budgeting for new or replacement equipment

    For more articles on how to manage your assets visit https://medaco.co.uk/tag/asset-management/

    Asset management enhances the way your facilities are operated, allowing care providers to focus on what truly matters – providing quality care to their patients and a safe environment for care staff to work. Ask your service and maintenance provider what they can do for you in terms of Asset Management and discover the benefits it makes to your facility and the care it provides.

    Medaco have developed AssetainTM – A fully comprehensive programme that takes care of your whole asset register for care equipment, managing each item from initial supply, throughout its maintained lifecycle and up to planned obsolescence.

    To learn more about Medaco’s asset management programme, visit their website https://medaco.co.uk/


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