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  • Healthlogistics acquired by Prospitalia

    Hertfordshire-based software company Healthlogistics has been bought by German hospital Group Purchasing Organisation (GPO) Prospitalia GmbH.

    Healthlogistics provides information and data management software and services for surgical and critical care environments within hospitals. The solutions enable point of care data capture which is considered the Holy Grail for improved clinical performance, as well as enabling other key processes such as eProcurement, material management and procedure-level costing. This provides a range of benefits that help hospitals to save money, boost revenue and improve patient safety.

    Through their subsidiaries, hTrak Europe and hTrak Pty located in Melbourne, Australia, Healthlogistics has implemented its wide range of services across Europe and internationally.

    Markus Wild, CFO for Prospitalia said: “Data and information-based management of a hospital is still very challenging from an executive perspective, as the data regarding material use, stock levels, expiry dates etc. captured with conventional methods are not 100% accurate and reliable. In addition, capturing this data manually requires a very high amount of labour. hTrak offers a digital alternative that shows managers relevant data regarding a medical procedure in real time. hTrak integrates all relevant systems related to medical procedures and presents it in an easy to use business intelligence system.”


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