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  • Health Secretary confirms costs for individual social care to be capped

    Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has confirmed that any new system of funding social care will be capped.

    Addressing a conference of social care workers in his first policy speech since taking responsibility for social care reform back in January of this year, Hunt also pledged to find new ways to support councils struggling to meet the demands of a rapipdily ageing population.

    “The way that our current charging system operates is far from fair. This is particularly true for families faced with the randomness and unpredictability of care, and the punitive consequences that come from developing certain conditions over others,” said Hunt.

    “If you develop dementia and require long-term residential care you are likely to have to use a significant chunk of your savings and the equity in your home to pay for that care. But if you require long-term treatment for cancer you won’t find anything like the same cost.”

    Replying to a question as to whether there would be a cap on individual pay, Hunt replied “Yes.”

    Hunt went on to acknowledge the “daily pressure” faced by local authorities of an ageing population and the services needed to support it.

    “We need to recognise that with 1 million more over-75s in 10 years’ time they are going to need more money, and we are going to have to find a way of helping them to source it,” said Hunt.


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