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  • Fall prevention as a precursor for improved and better care quality

    In the tender embrace of a care home, each resident’s well-being is a sacred responsibility. Every creak in the floorboards, every sigh in the silence of the night holds significance. In this nurturing environment, fall prevention becomes more than just a precaution; it becomes a precursor for improved care quality.

    Falls among older people are not just physical accidents; they are emotional earthquakes that erode the sense of security that residents and their families hold dear. But what if there was a technological solution that lets carers check on resident’s conditions without disturbing their precious rest or infringing on their privacy – a solution that can even help carers pre-empt falls before they happen, identify signs of restlessness or deteriorating health that eventually leads to falls so they can take proactive actions.

    Enter Earzz, an AI-powered acoustic monitoring technology designed to be that guardian, a silent watcher in the night. Earzzlistens, not for speech or conversations, but to the unique sounds that can help carers provide better person-centred care and identify trends leading to worsening health conditions.

    Why is fall prevention so crucial? Older adults living in care homes are at a significantly higher risk of falling compared to those living independently or in a community. This means they’re not just three times more likely to fall; they’re also ten times more likely to sustain serious injuries ((Department of Health (DoH), 2009);Cooper, 2017). It’s a harsh reality for those over 65, with about 30% falling yearly. For those aged 85 or older, that number skyrockets to a shocking 50% (World Health Organization (WHO), 2008). Falls among older people cause physical and emotional distress, pain, injury and loss of confidence but remain one of the most frequently reported accidents among residents, especially during the night.

    Earzz doesn’t just observe; it recognises patterns of worsening health through the language of sounds — the gasps, the coughs, the shouts, the thuds, and much more. It transforms these sounds into actionable insights, allowing caregivers to provide a level of care that is not just reactive but profoundly proactive. Earzz — because every fall prevented is a story of care, compassion, and quality that transcends the ordinary and becomes extraordinary.

    Earzz Limited is a British business making AI-powered acoustic monitoring solutions for better night-time care. Earzz listens, recognises, and alerts staff to important sounds, helping them respond more quickly to someone in any sort of difficulty. Unlike existing acoustic solutions, Earzz recognises and alerts carers within seconds for specific sounds of interest in resident rooms as chosen by the carers in the Earzz app. Its advanced AI sound recognition enables carers to get alerted for specific sounds, including sounds that help:

    1. Reduce chances of falls at night – by identifying and alerting carers to any movement noise (e.g., footsteps) and even thuds from falls
    2. Proactive, Person-centred care – identifying sounds that represent signs of worsening health – e.g., Coughing, screaming, snoring, gasping

    Earzz also helps keep digital records of all events at night, aiding easier handover for staff and saving time and costs for care homes.

    All this with a system that offers inherent privacy protection for residents.

    Want to learn more? Click here to book a demo with Earzz today.


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