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  • Ealing Council and Servelec arm care workers with Mosaic to increase time with clients

    Ealing Council has gone live with Mosaic case management software, which will be used by its children and families, and health and social care divisions.

    Ealing’s child protection staff, intake service, disability service and community benefits teams, will be using the new system to easily access the records of its user base.

    Mosaic makes the records available to workers who are either on-site or operating remotely, and will simplify administrative processes helping them to efficiently manage caseloads. This will also benefit service users by freeing up the resources of social work practitioners, allowing them more contact time with clients.

    Whole-family information will be easier to access and maintain through Mosaic’s group-based working functionality once implemented.

    Ealing Council’s projects and developments team worked closely with Servelec to design and configure the digital, interoperable solution to upgrade from the previous Framework-I system. Mosaic provides Ealing’s teams with a system that:

    • Can be used by the finance staff, providing capability to manage payments and budgets through Mosaic
    • Has offline working capability allowing case workers to remotely access service user information, even in Wi-Fi and signal blind spots
    • Provides group-based working functionality so that information regarding an entire family can be condensed into one report, which is easier to digest for both social worker and director of service
    • Allows the integration of other web applications as well as the opportunity to transition to mobile working in the future

    The system rollout was completed in October 2018 and is already being used extensively across the council. Ealing Council is now looking to increase its interoperability by integrating the system with the NHS Spine web portal that will be used to set up a Child Protection Information Sharing Project (CPIS) service.

    This will mean that the council and NHS will be able to easily share information pertaining to a child between one another, enabling the NHS to quickly notify social services if a service user is admitted or if a clinician has any further concerns.

    Mitchell Squires, Project Manager at Ealing Council, said: “Servelec’s Projects team for the migration was thorough, flexible and professional during the entire conversion process.”

    Richard Betts, Managing Director of Servelec’s local government business, said: “Increasing the agility of Ealing Council’s case management software was a priority for the council, and the new Mosaic system fits that criteria by simplifying convoluted administrative practices. Its group based working functionality will save them time now that they don’t have to compile multiple reports for a single family.

    “Now that the system is in place and being used, we can integrate with other solutions in order to greatly optimise the way Ealing’s workers interact with the system for the benefit of the citizens they serve.”


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