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  • Diabetic care leaders to collaborate on solutions

    A collaboration between diabetes care companies will bring together diabetes management solutions and diabetic data management for personal and clinical support.

    The partnership is between Ascensia, producer of the Contour Next One and Plus One blood glucose monitoring machines, and Glooko, a diabetic data management system, the integration of which will be able to analyse highly accurate reports of data on blood glucose levels at home and on the move.

    The data will be fed from Ascensia’s systems directly to Glooko through the Contour Cloud via Bluetooth connectivity, and the data will be viewable on Glooko’s mobile and web appasm as well as through the Contour Diabetes App.

    “Glooko’s broad distribution into health systems will enable us to easily and seamlessly deliver highly accurate data,” said Michael Kloss, CEO of Ascensia Diabetes Care “we want to enable better understanding and analysis of diabetes data, and ultimately help to improve the lives of people with diabetes.”

    The hopes of this partnership will be to provide a much more streamlined presentation of data to healthcare professionals.

    Rick Altinger, CEO of Glooko, described the Ascensia tech “impressive,” explaining, “we are excited to bring this rich data into the Glooko platform to help both people with diabetes and their health care professionals manage this condition.”


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