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  • Dementia therapy club opens in London


    A new private members club aimed at helping seniors with dementia has opened in London.

    Innovative Aged Care, the company behind Chelsea Court Place, has launched The Day Club with the aim to provide evidence-based activities to its members to help delay and alleviate the symptoms of dementia.

    The programmes have been developed in conjunction with the University of West London’s Dementia Care Centre Innovation Lab, which is creating ways of working with people who live with dementia alongside artists, scientists, technology, hospitality and design staff.

    Led by Mwaya Siwale, Head of Memory Care at Chelsea Court Place, the programmes have been curated to deliver the early stage therapy. The programmes benefit from the expertise of Professor Victoria Tischler, Head of Dementia Care at the University of West London, and aim to alleviate and reduce symptoms of dementia, enhance cognition and nourish the mind, body and senses.

    The Day Club activities utilise the latest neuroscience and psychological evidence showing that stimulating activities (e.g. involving art, music, language learning and storytelling) improve interactions, mood and mobility for people living with dementia.

    The curriculum will consist of five parts, including senses and sensory, mind and memory, arts and culture, eldergym and culinary masters, all devised and developed with leading dementia experts, therapists and researchers.

    Members of The Day Club will be able to take advantage of a concierge service which aims to assist seniors with general life admin and daily errands to help individuals maintain an independent life. From general housekeeping tasks such as laundry and cleaning through to food preparation, grocery shopping, arranging travel and scheduling appointments, the Concierge team will offer invaluable support and companionship to ease the burden and improve quality of life around the home for members.

    “Small tasks such as paying bills and grocery shopping can often become overwhelming for seniors; The Day Club aims to ease the burden by supporting individuals with daily chores and general life admin. It also gives family members peace of mind that their loved ones are receiving adequate assistance and support to continue living independently,” says James Cook, Managing Director of Chelsea Court Place.


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