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  • Care providers must embrace technology for a brighter future, new White Paper claims

    The leading provider of software and IT services, Advanced, has suggested as a result of its new White Paper that more care homes in the UK need to integrate technology into everyday operations in order to achieve success; as the research found that in 2015, an average of six care homes went out of business every month and there are currently 5,000 care homes at risk of closure.

    Managing director – Health & Care at Advanced, George Thaw, said: “Modern care providers cannot afford to ignore the benefits of hosting their software in the cloud, to free up time from managing infrastructure, and embracing mobile technology, backed up by systems that talk to each other. With remote access to the most up-to-date information, care staff will be able to spend more time caring for patients. Demonstrating compliance is now simpler than ever.

    He continued: “In an increasingly complex landscape, an integrated approach simplifies day-to-day care provision while addressing the challenges and ensuring organisations are prepared for future changes.”

    Read the full White Paper here



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