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  • Care home staff can now declare COVID-19 symptoms via Safe For Work app

    A new tool has been launched that provides care home management teams with a written record of the daily health status of each employee, who answer a simple app-based questionnaire each day before they arrive at work.

    The Safe For Work app, developed by London-based Filter Digital, has been designed to give colleagues working together and residents the reassurance that everyone who is at work, is, in fact, safe to work.

    It’s available now on the iOS App Store, Google Play Store and Web as a progressive web app and is intended to complement a company’s existing health and safety procedures.

    Safe For Work allows care homes to design a custom bespoke questionnaire for their employees to complete before they attend their place of work, to check all are well and reporting no symptoms of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19.

    Questions could include “do you have a temperature?”, “have you got a new, continuous cough?”, “have you travelled abroad or had close contact with anyone that has travelled in the last 14 days?”.

    The app can be used on any mobile device or browser, allowing employees to communicate honestly, clearly and privately about their health so that they don’t inadvertently place colleagues or residents at risk.

    The questions posed are Yes/No by default – the results can then be used by management to determine whether the employee is safe to work that day, or if the responses breach health and safety guidelines.

    Filter says the Safe For Work app can be used easily by both employers and employees and can be set up to the individual needs of any company or process.

    Oliver Morrison, CEO at Filter, said: “In this unique and challenging time, we wanted, as a solutions led business, to contribute some good. We recognised that the rules and practicalities of ensuring staff are safe for work had changed and aimed to provide an additional support measure to help reassure employers and employees that everyone who is at work is safe to work.

    “We’re delighted to have rapidly developed Safe For Work, a convenient symptom reporting tool and have made it available for free to any business or organisation to use.”

    For more information visit, https://safeforworkapp.com.


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